28 February 2013

The current "It Bag" Givenchy Antigona

I'm currently obsessing over the Givenchy Antigona Tote bag. It seems to be the current "It Bag" at the moment.

I'm seeing the gorgeous tote all over Instagram and carried by some of the fashion bloggers I follow.

Hopefully one day soon I can get my hands on one of these leather beauties! Hopefully soon I will be able to treat myself... But the question is which colour? I'm loving the beige/baby pink colour and also the red is to die for!

Ah I love handbags!!!!

20 February 2013


Temt Floral Maxi Skirt | Topshop Lace Top | Sportsgirl Bag | Ray Ban Aviators 

I guarantee that if you were to look into my wardrobe the first thing you would see is floral prints! I am a little obsessed with floral printed clothing. I'm not a big fan of really girly clothing but somehow most floral prints catch my eye! It may be because I am completely in love with flowers.
On holiday at Jervis Bay I spotted this gorgeous bougainvillea bush which was in full bloom. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use it as a back drop for a blog shoot and I knew I had packed the perfect floral maxi skirt for it.
So you can expect to see alot and I mean ALOT of floral prints in this blog!
Ms Bella Jean xx
Ps. Please excuse the flip flops... =)

10 February 2013

Jervis Bay - Part 2

 Tyke the boxer
 "Come here tennis ball"
 I Love Summer!!
 Gorgeous Jervis Bay Waters
Wearing - Lovely Girl Lace Skirt, Jorge Puzzle Tank, RayBan Sunglasses, Havaianas.
 King of the world!!

 Love Australia!

 Dolphin Pod
Hyams Beach
Hyams Beach
Home Bound.
The next few days of our trip was based around the beautiful crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay. Tyke was having the time of his life spending everyday at the beach chasing tennis balls and the waves. Every night he was that exhausted he slept like a baby!
We went on a dolphin watching cruise around the bay. The cruise company say there is a 99% chance of seeing dolphins on a cruise and they definitely were not wrong! We found a pod of 20 or so common bottle nose dolphins which had lots of fun swimming and jumping in front of the boat! I've seen dolphins up close before but seeing them in their natural environment playing with the boat was such an amazing experience.
We spent our last full day discovering Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay which is in the Guinness World Book of Records for having the whitest beach sand in the world. It did not disappoint, although these photos do not do it justice! The sand was so bright and white I couldn't take my sunglasses off! And the water was a gorgeous turquoise colour.
Our last day was cold and rainy (surprise, surprise) which helped with encouragement to leave our new favourite coast location in NSW. On the way home we went through Kangaroo Valley and stopped off to check out the shops. I thought there would be a few second hand stores for me to try vintage shopping but there was only wood work shops, loot stores, and cafes. Looks like I may have to do some research on vintage shopping locations and organise a road trip! Time to start saving money!!
=) xx

5 February 2013

Jervis Bay - Part 1



If you read my previous post you would know that my BF, my puppy and I were preparing for a holiday to Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast.
We left on a very rainy and grey day and of course with our luck of travelling we had to take a detour as the route we had planned on taking was closed due to a land slide! Three weeks ago we decided to take a day trip to the coast but got stuck overnight in a town as we were returning home. A bushfire had the authorities block off the three main roads which lead to home so we stayed overnight in the car! Most of our holidays come with a little bit of bad luck (mostly rainy weather) but in the end it all adds to the memories.
An extra town and 30 minutes later we arrived at our accommodation. We booked four nights at a gorgeous little bungalow run by a cute couple - Alison and Gary. They were so friendly and loved our dog Tyke. They were very accommodating and they even had a fruit bowl full of fresh fruit as well as treats for doggies!
As the weather was still dreary we bought some fish and chips for dinner and stayed in at the bungalow. The next day was still grey and wet. It cleared up for the afternoon though and the sun was shining bright and warm. We took full advantage of this and headed to the beach with Tyke. This was his first time seeing the beach with the waves and the salty water - he had an absolute ball! He was so happy and full of energy, chasing his tennis ball and jumping the waves! The water was quite rough though due to the bad weather. I got dumped twice and the waves were that strong that it knocked the hair ties out of my hair and the washed the makeup off of my face! =)

Part 2 coming soon - Ms Bella Jean xx